Sal Island in Cabo Verde

Discovering The Ten Remote Islands in Atlantic Ocean: Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde Archipelago: A Remote Island to Discover in the North Atlantic Ocean If you haven’t heard about Cape Verde or Cabo Verde Archipelago, It’s now your chance to see some more information and hopes to help you decide to take a vacation on this beautiful Island in the eastern part of the North Atlantic…

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St Helena Guide

The Hidden Treasure of South Atlantic

Hi guys! Welcome to our follow-up post about the hidden treasure of the South Atlantic, the Island of  St Helena. Are you looking for a unique and off-the-beaten-path destination? Look no further and turn your head to the South Atlantic Ocean! “This post contains affiliate links, If you choose to book hotels, and flights, we…

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St Helena Diana's Peak

Discover the Hidden Beauty of St. Helena in the Atlantic Ocean

Discover The Hidden Beauty of St. Helena in the Atlantic Ocean 2023 St. Helena is a remote (like a dot) island located between the west of Angola in the African Continent, East of Brazil in the South American Continent, and due South of Liberia and Ivory Coast.  The intersections of these three lines of positions…

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