Handheld Gimbal Stabilizers for Smartphone Photography and Videography

DJI OSMO 6 Gimbal Stabilzer in Action

The Introduction to Handheld Gimbal Stabilizers for Smartphones

Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal Stabilizer
Zhiyun Smooth 4

HOHEM Isteady M+In today’s digital era, smartphones have become an indispensable tool for capturing our most cherished moments. However, shaky footage and blurred photos can often overshadow the memories we aim to preserve. This is where smartphone gimbal stabilizers come into play, revolutionizing the way we capture, record, and share our experiences.

In this blog post, we will delve into the benefits, and features, and present an overview of the top 3 best smartphone gimbal stabilizer brands available in the market today.

I. The Benefits of Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizers

1. Enhanced Stability

With advanced stabilization technology, smartphone gimbal stabilizers effectively reduce camera shake, resulting in smooth and professional-looking footage and images. These aspects include 3-axis Stabilization like pitch, yaw, and roll.  It ensures precise stability control minimizing unwanted camera movement and vibrations.

High-resolution sensors: Modern gimbal stabilizers use high-resolution sensors to detect even the smallest movements and apply corrective measures accordingly. These sensors are capable of capturing motion data at a high frequency, enabling the stabilizer to make real-time adjustments for enhanced stability.

2. Cinematic Effects

Many gimbal stabilizers offer various modes such as pan, tilt, and follow, allowing users to create dynamic shots and cinematic effects that were previously achievable only with high-end camera equipment.

3. Versatility

Smartphone gimbal stabilizers are designed to accommodate multiple smartphone models and sizes, making them accessible to a wide range of users. Additionally, some stabilizers offer compatibility with action cameras, further expanding their utility.

4. User-Friendly

These stabilizers often come with intuitive controls and user-friendly apps that enable easy customization of settings, making them suitable for both beginners and professionals.

II. Key Features of Gimbal Stabilizers to Consider

1. With Active Tracking Features

Advanced stabilizers include active tracking features that allow the device to automatically follow a subject, keeping it in the frame. This is particularly useful for capturing fast-moving objects or during activities like sports or vlogging.

2. Look For Long Battery Life

Look for stabilizers with long battery life to ensure uninterrupted shooting sessions without the need for frequent recharging. Gimbal devices are widely used in various industries such as videography, photography, and even in smartphone stabilization.

These devices help capture smooth and stable footage by reducing shakes and vibrations. One crucial aspect of a gimbal is its battery life. The Longer battery life for a gimbal is highly desirable as it ensures prolonged usage without interruptions.

Higher-capacity batteries can store more power and allow for longer operational hours. When purchasing a gimbal, checking the battery capacity is essential to ensure a longer usage time.

3. Stabilizers With App Integration

Gimbal stabilizer app integration refers to the capability of a smartphone app to connect and control a gimbal stabilizer device. A gimbal stabilizer is a handheld or mountable device that uses motorized technology to keep a camera steady while capturing videos or taking photos.

Look for stabilizers that offer companion apps with additional features like gesture control, time-lapse, slow-motion, and various shooting modes, providing greater creative freedom.

Some common features and benefits of gimbal stabilizer app integration include remote control. The user can remotely control the gimbal’s movements, such as pan, tilt, and roll, using the app on their smartphone.

This allows for more precise and smooth camera movements without physically touching the gimbal.

Another benefit is the auto-tracking and motion control. Certain apps provide advanced tracking capabilities, allowing the gimbal to automatically follow a subject or perform pre-set motion control sequences. This feature is particularly useful for capturing action shots or creating dynamic time-lapse videos.

III. Top 3 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer Brands

1. DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Gimbal Stabilizer

DJI OSMO 6 Gimbal Stabilizer
Photo from Canva

The DJI OSMO 6 is designed and manufactured by DJI, a renowned leading brand in the Drone and imaging industry. This Gimbal model is the latest addition to the Osmo Mobile series, known for its superior performance and advanced features.

Main Key Features of DJI OSMO 6 Gimbal Stabilizers

DJI Osmo Mobile 6 is its three-axis gimbal system, which effectively eliminates unwanted shakes and jitters in real-time. This ensures that your videos are crisp and clear, of any unnecessary vibration. The gimbal motors are powerful enough to counteract even the slightest hand movements, guaranteeing stable footage in various shooting scenarios.

It is also equipped with intelligent shooting modes that enhance creativity and simplify the filming process. It offers features like ActiveTrack, which can automatically track and follow subjects, allowing you to focus on composition and storytelling. Another feature is the Gesture Control, enabling users to start and stop recording or capturing photos by simply using hand gestures, making it incredibly convenient for solo content creators.

Additionally, the DJI Osmo Mobile 6 supports a wide range of smartphone sizes, thanks to its adjustable clamp mechanism. This means you can use it with various smartphones, from smaller models to larger phablets, without any compatibility issues.

The gimbal stabilizer can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, enabling seamless control and access to additional features through the DJI Mimo app. The app offers an intuitive interface, allowing you to adjust settings, access advanced shooting modes, and even edit and share your footage directly from your smartphone.

The DJI Osmo Mobile 6 boasts a long-lasting battery that can provide up to 15 hours of continuous usage, making it ideal for extended filming sessions. Additionally, it also features a USB port that allows you to charge your smartphone while using the stabilizer, ensuring uninterrupted shooting.

Pros of The DJI OSMO 6 Gimbal Stabilizer

Overall, the DJI Osmo Mobile 6 is a top-of-the-line gimbal stabilizer brand that offers exceptional stabilization capabilities, intelligent shooting modes, and compatibility with a wide range of smartphones. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, it is a powerful tool for content creators, vloggers, and anyone seeking to capture professional-quality footage with their smartphones.


2. Gimbal Stabilizer Zhiyun Smooth 4

Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal Stabilizer

The Zhiyun Smooth 4 is a popular choice. Not only of its affordable price in the market. It boasts multiple shooting modes, object tracking, and a focus/zoom wheel. Zhiyun Smooth 4 is a well-regarded gimbal stabilizer brand known for its exceptional performance and innovative features.

It is designed to provide seamless stabilization and control for smartphones, making it ideal for capturing professional-quality videos and photos.


One of the standout features of the Zhiyun Smooth 4 is its advanced 3-axis stabilization system. This system ensures smooth and steady footage even in challenging conditions, such as while walking or running. The gimbal uses brushless motors that are capable of making rapid adjustments to compensate for any movements, resulting in incredibly stable footage.

The Zhiyun Smooth 4 offers a wide range of creative shooting modes, including Pan Following Mode, Locking Mode, Full Following Mode, PhoneGo Mode, and POV Mode. These modes allow users to capture various types of shots, such as panoramic views, dynamic tracking shots, and more.

With the PhoneGo Mode, the gimbal responds to your movements in real time, providing quick and smooth transitions.

Another notable feature of the Zhiyun Smooth 4 is its integrated control panel. The control panel consists of a variety of buttons and a large focus/zoom wheel, allowing for convenient and precise control over the camera functions. This eliminates the need to touch the phone screen directly, providing a more stable and comfortable shooting experience.

The Zhiyun Smooth 4 also supports various accessories, such as an external microphone and LED light. These accessories can be attached to the gimbal, enhancing the overall shooting capabilities and versatility.

In terms of battery life, the Zhiyun Smooth 4 boasts a long-lasting battery that can provide up to 12 hours of continuous usage. This ensures that you can capture footage throughout the day without worrying about running out of power.

Furthermore, the Zhiyun Smooth 4 is compatible with various smartphone models and brands, allowing a wide range of users to benefit from its exceptional stabilization capabilities.

Overall, the Zhiyun Smooth 4 is a reliable and feature-rich gimbal stabilizer brand that delivers professional-grade stabilization for smartphone videography.

Its innovative features, ease of use, and compatibility make it a popular choice among content creators, vloggers, and filmmakers looking to enhance their mobile videography capabilities.

BUY Zhiyun Smooth 4 Professional Gimbal Stabilizer on Amazon and Shopee HERE.

3. Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

Hohem Gimbal Stabilizer

Hohem Isteady Mobile Plus is a renowned brand of gimbal stabilizers designed specifically for smartphones. It is known for its exceptional stability, smooth footage, and user-friendly features. Whether you are a professional filmmaker or an amateur content creator, the Hohem Isteady Mobile Plus offers a reliable solution to eliminate shakiness and capture professional-quality videos with ease.

Hohem Isteady Mobile+ Key Features

  • Exceptional Stability: The Hohem Isteady Mobile Plus employs advanced 3-axis stabilization technology, which ensures steady and smooth footage, even in challenging shooting scenarios. It effectively reduces unwanted movements, vibrations, and camera shakes to provide professional-level stability.
  • Multiple Shooting Modes: This gimbal stabilizer offers a variety of shooting modes to enhance your creative possibilities. It includes features like pan follow mode, locking mode, full follow mode, and POV mode, which allow you to capture dynamic and engaging shots effortlessly.
  • Intelligent Object Tracking: The Hohem Isteady Mobile Plus comes equipped with intelligent object-tracking capabilities. By simply selecting the desired subject on your smartphone screen, the gimbal will automatically track and follow the subject, keeping it in the frame at all times.
  • Easy to Use: The Hohem Isteady Mobile Plus is designed with user convenience in mind. It features a user-friendly interface and straightforward controls, allowing beginners to operate it effortlessly. Additionally, it is compatible with a wide range of smartphones and can be easily mounted and balanced for quick setup.
  • Long Battery Life: With a built-in rechargeable battery, the Hohem Isteady Mobile Plus offers an impressive battery life, allowing you to shoot for extended periods without worrying about power. It also has a power bank function, enabling you to charge your smartphone while shooting.
  • Lightweight and Portable: The Hohem Isteady Mobile Plus is compact and lightweight, making it highly portable. It can be easily folded and carried in a bag or pocket, allowing you to capture smooth footage wherever you go.
  • App Integration: The gimbal stabilizer seamlessly integrates with the Hohem Studio app, which provides additional features and customization options. The app allows you to adjust settings, control the gimbal remotely, and access various shooting modes for more versatile footage.

Recommendation and Summary

Overall, the Hohem Isteady Mobile Plus is a reliable and feature-packed gimbal stabilizer that caters to the needs of smartphone videographers. With its exceptional stability, advanced features, and user-friendly design, it offers a significant improvement in video quality, making it a valuable tool for content creators of all levels.

Perfect for on-the-go users, the Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus is ultra-portable and boasts intelligent features such as gesture control, time-lapse, and one-key switching between horizontal and vertical modes. BUY your first gimbal stabilizer from Amazon now and say goodbye to shaky videos right away! Or simply visit the Hohem Online store here and check out other available stabilizers that fit your need!


Smartphone gimbal stabilizers have transformed the way we capture and share our moments, allowing us to achieve professional-level footage and images with ease. Whether you’re an avid traveller, content creator, or simply someone who seeks to immortalize life’s precious moments, investing in a smartphone gimbal stabilizer can significantly enhance your mobile photography and videography experience. Consider the benefits, features, and top brands mentioned above to find the perfect stabilizer that suits your needs and unleashes your creative potential.


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