Top Tourist Destination In the Mediterranean Sea in 2023

Clear Water Surrounded by Rocks

Top Tourist Destination in the Mediterranean Sea in 2023

If you’re planning to travel to the Mediterranean Sea, There are lots of tourist destinations to choose from. But if you’re trying to discover an easy journey to your plan, consider adding in your itineraries the Island of Malta as one of your destinations.

2. The Island Of  Malta

Woman in Red Dress Looking at The IslandoOf Malta

The Island of Malta is a small Island located between Libya and the Island of Sicily, Italy. 
Its area is covered around 316 square kilometers with a population of more than 533,000 inhabitants. 
Their currency is Euro since January 2008, four years after they join the European Community in 2004. 
Since Malta is a part of the Schengen Agreement, 
If you’re a US citizen, this means that you may enter the Island for 90 days for tourist or business purposes without applying for a Schengen visa. 
Your passport should also be valid for at least three months beyond your planned travel date.
Malta is still a tourist attraction because of its unique places like the Island of Gozo.
Not to mention the hilltop town of Mdina, Palaces, and Castles.
Don’t miss the beautiful bays, cliffs, the elegant capital city of Valletta, and its beaches. 

The Island of Malta Entry Requirements

The Government of Malta allows EU nationals by only showing their identifications.
But if you’re a non-EU tourist, and planning to enter the territory either by air or sea, you may need to show the following travel documents to your port of entry: 
A valid travel document and passport, a valid visa, and travel health insurance. 
I hope this may guide you through so much information that you need to plan and prepare your travel documents ahead of time.
Where to stay in Malta? 
Here are the cheapest hotels on the island of Malta at the time this article was written, Prices may vary depending on the dates of stay. 

2. The Island of Minorca

Blue lagoon surrounded by Lush Vegetation
Photo by: Marc Palomar The cala Fustam in Menorca, Spain

Minorca or Menorca is one of the Balearic groups of Islands in the Mediterranean Sea belonging to Spain. For an area of 607.5 square kilometers, It is known for its beautiful and endless beaches, from miles-long sandy, and rocky shores called “calls”.  These are the reasons why Menorca is one of the best and most famous destinations in the Western Mediterranean, to enjoy the beach due to the 12 hours of sunshine every day.

There are many ways to discover the Island of Menorca, But first, let’s talk about how to get there from anywhere in the world. 
The fastest way to get there is by airplane. With daily flights from major cities all over the world. There are three main airports; Ibiza, Menorca, and Palma de Mallorca. 
You can search for the date, and flight deals, HERE
Just type in the city, the name of the airport, and or place on the search field, plan dates of travel and return, number of guests or passengers, and press “SEARCH”.  or Simply look on Klook Travel. And if you’re worried about where to stay in Menorca? 
Don’t worry, ease your search for this travel, you can find it in the search box below; from the cheapest hotels to the most expensive hotels in Menorca, you can maximize your budget. Tips: Book ahead of time, and look for free cancellations and last-minute booking deals.
Do you see?
Traveling isn’t that hard if you know what to do. Here are also some important information before traveling to Menorca.  
Menorca is part of the Spanish territory and they speak Spanish, you should install a translator app that can help you translate a word from English to Spanish. 
Here is some information about entry requirements, and local laws in Menorca

3. The Island of Corsica in France

What to do in Corsica?

Clear Blue Water and Sky Surrounded by Rocks
Image by Allard1 by Getty Image: View on the small village of Erbalunga Northeast part of Corsica, France
Corsica is famous for its crystal clear and beautiful sandy beaches, and it is an excellent destination during the summer of 2023. 
It is considered one of the best beaches in Europe and is found in the 200 miles of coastline of Corsica Island.
According to Wikipedia, Corsica is the fourth-largest Island that lies southeast of France’s coast in the Mediterranean Sea. 
With an area of 8,722 square kilometers, and an estimated population of 339,178 inhabitants (2019). 
Don’t forget to include the beautiful Calanques de Piana in your itineraries. 
If you love cliffs, make sure to visit the World Heritage site that features red rocks cliff hanging above the clear seawater.
In addition to the place above, here is the list of places you might need to check on:
  • Corsica Island: Nonza – The most colorful town in Corsica, 
  • Montemaggiorre – the most beautiful town in Corsica, 
  • Erbalunga – The most stunning village on the Coast of Corsica, and 
  • Speloncato – The perfect place to view the sunset in Corsica. 

What Language do they speak in Corsica?

The Island of Corsica is under French territory, and their language is French. 
And again, you might need a translator app that is available in google play or the play store. There are free to install the app from both platforms. 
If your planned travel destination is not on the list, comment your feedback below and we’ll try to cover it for you. 
Don’t miss any flight and hotel deals. Never miss a deal! 

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