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10 Best US Summer Vacations To Travel in 2023

Best Summer Vacations in the United States When the temperature is hot outside, everyone is looking for cooler destinations to escape the heat. Well, look no further than these 10 cities in the United States that are cooler than most other places.  From seaside vacations to mountain getaways? Here are some of our favorite summer vacation spots…

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Europe destination

Top 6 Travel Destinations in Europe 2024

Top 6 Travel destination in Europe The Mediterranean is one of the most beautiful places on the European continent. It encompasses countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea including Spain, France, Italy, Malta, and Greece.  This region is well-known for its warm, sunny, and beautiful beaches making it popular as a tourist destination. It’s also considered one…

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Best Island in The Philippines

Best Island Destinations In The Philippines

Best Island Destinations in The Philippines If you’re looking for the most beautiful island in the Philippines to stay on during summertime, I believe Boracay Island is one on your bucket list. Right?  But out of more than 7,000 Islands in the Philippines, where would you want to visit first? Here are the 5 top…

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