Southeast Asiaa Map Guide

Discover the New Travel Experience in Southeast Asia

New Travel to Experience in Southeast Asia Welcome to the new era of travel in Southeast Asia! Asia is a continent of many cultures and traditions. It’s also one of the most diversified areas in the world, with over 50 countries on the continent. If you’re looking for something different and exciting to do, then…

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Sangat Resorts in Coron

Best Hotels and Resorts with Beachfront in Coron, Palawan Philippines

Discover The Most Beautiful Hotels and Resorts with Beachfront on Coron Island Coron Island of Palawan is one of the best iconic places of destinations for Filipinos and foreigners. This Island has a lot to offer for travelers looking for the most beautiful resorts with beachfront. Here you can see the most iconic places to…

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Where Can You Find The Cheapest Hotels in The Philippines?

Get Low-Cost Hotels in the Top 4 Islands Destinations in the Philippines Every traveler always looks for a way to spend their money in the cheapest.   When we say cheap it doesn’t actually really mean low-cost hotels. But, It’s an amount that any traveler can afford to spend based on their budget.    That’s…

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