7 Places to Visit In Seoul South Korea

Nami Island Seoul Korea

7 Places to Visit in Seoul

If you’re planning to visit Seoul but don’t know where to go? Then you’re in the right place! Here are the lists of the 7 places to visit in Seoul, South Korea.

I hope this will help you decide to make your plan happen.

1. Nami Island, South Korea

On our first day, we had two places visited; Nami Island, and Petit France. We got lucky that my cousin and his wife provided special assistance for us.

It was Easter Sunday, and it was also their day off.

From our hotel, It takes almost 2 hours to travel from the formerly Ramada hotel now Atrium to Namiseom Island (Nami Island).

Distance is about 70 km from the Jongno area. It’s a good idea that we had to take our breakfast before heading to Nami Island.

We took also our lunch when we got there before we rode a ferry to the island. As usual, there is always an admission fee.

For your information, It will not cost an adult more than 15,000 KrW to visit the island.

2. Petit France, South Korea

After Nami Island, we were able to pass through Petit France which is located SSE of Nami Island or at Goseong-RI. It’s a 15-minute drive from Nami by Car. The admission is about 7,000 KRW for adults. 

There you can see various antique collections that are related to French culture. If you’re into mountain view, This is a perfect trip to freshen your eyes from the glittering city lights. 

The place will not rob you of more than 2 hours of your time to explore around. Just don’t miss the puppeteer’s show. It’s really fun!

3. Everland Theme Park, South Korea

Monday and it’s open for the public from 10:00 to 20:30H. We took the Subway train from Jongno 3 Ga Station Line 1(Blue Line) to Doguk Station. 

From Doguk, We continue our subway trip to Gihueng, Then from Gihueng to Jondae Everland.  

The total trip time including walking and Restroom interruption is almost 3 hours! From 09:15 to 11:50 hrs.

At the initial station (Jongno 3) we bought a single journey ticket up to the first destination station only. 

That was a mistake! 

We should buy the single journey ticket until our final destination, the Jondae Everland subway train station.

Amid the journey, there is a top-up machine at Gihueng station. There, we added some money to top up our cards to reach the last station.

One trip cost us about 17,000 KRW. 4 Adults and 1 child (6-12 Y/O). 

At the end of the trip, you should insert the used single-journey ticket into a machine near the exit to claim a refund of about 500 KRW for each card.

We tried the T-express coaster! (That might be my last ride). You shouldn’t ride if you think you have a weak neck. 

For an estimated 200km/hr speed! No Thanks. But for my two daughters? It’s just a peanut!

At Jondae Everland station Shuttle bus to Everland Resort is free of charge until you reach the resort’s main entrance. 

The admission fee cost for an adult is about 54,000 and for 1 child is 46,000 KRW. That’s a one-day pass admission for unlimited rides.

4. Namsan Tower in Seoul, South Korea

Namsan Seoul Tower is the number 4th place to visit in Seoul  – It’s only 2.6 Km from our place Jongno-ro. We walk for about 15 minutes before we finally decided to ride a taxi. 

We have a 7-year-old child so we can’t continue our walk. 

The Orange taxi charges a minimum fare of 3,000 KRW plus the additional distance. I paid a total of 3,800 KRW up to the Namsan cable car station. To go to the tower.

Fare: Tickets for adults sold for 8,000 KRW and children (6 to 12 yo) 6000.

It was so unfortunate that we were not able to make it on top, the presence of smog prevented us from having a clear view of the city’s timeline.

So, why spend some money for nothing, right? 

If Namsan Seoul tower lights turn blue, It indicates good visibility to have a good view of the city’s timeline.

When we went down from the cable car’s lower platform, We use the Namsan Ormi Elevator bound to the Myeongdong marketplace. 

That was for a roundtrip ride. Don’t miss the love lock key, It’s one of the Korean rituals why you’re visiting the tower. 

It has also a good Panoramic view.

Some private observatory houses are offered from higher elevated areas. 

You will pay 3000 Krw for any item from their menu. 

5. Hanok Village and Namdaemon Market

Another place to visit in Seoul is the Hano Village. You can sit and stay relaxed for a while looking at the view of the old village while waiting.

After Hanok Village we took a Cab to Namdaemon market. 

Namdaemon market is one of the common destinations if you’re looking for souvenirs, “pasalubong” or giveaways. 

The fare is about 5000Krw. Not a cozy place but you can find some affordable prices. 

You just need to exert an extra effort to look or search around. Spending 2 to 3 hours would be sufficient.

If you’re craving also Korean street foods for a taste experience, It’s a place you should visit.

Don’t forget the old Kwang Jang Market. Make a bite for a taste! 

My youngest didn’t like it though. For a single order depending on your food of interest, 3,000 Krw to 10000 Krw is enough to fulfill your cravings.

From the hotel to Gyeongbokgung Palace, Hanok Village, and Namdaemon Market. If you’re in a group of 5, I suggest you take the orange cab. 

It depends on traffic flow it saves you time. But if you have all the time to walk around, It’s the best choice, especially during the beginning of spring.

It’s 100% precipitation, Forecast kept us in our accommodation. It’s so cold, Windy and wet! We supposedly headed to Lotte World Tower. 

We just decided to stay in the room for almost the whole day. In the middle of the day, Our 2 daughters left the place for Myeongdong. 

It’s a teen’s get-together with the Family friend’s sisters.

The building’s rooftop from the east side is windy and cold at 3 degrees C.

They enjoyed it for an instant but hated it later.

It’s just the beginning of spring, this weather is expected sometimes.  

Generally, It’s not really a good day. On the other hand, It’s a rest day for us.

We ate and run at the KFC food chain.

Sofie’s craving as she didn’t want Korean food.

In the late afternoon, Our family friends dropped by and we chatted. That was the second time that I tasted Korean “Soju”! 

It’s not that so hard to drink but it’s warm for the body. I liked it. They left after an hour later.

6. The Lotte World Tower

After we checked out at noon. We headed to Lotte World Tower. We stored our luggage in the hotel’s lobby. 

I can’t take a good shot due to the tower’s very close proximity. At this early stage of spring! 

You can see the Cherry blossoms really blooming around Seokchon Lake.

To get there from Jongno 5 subway, We linked the trip to Sinseol-dong, transferred to Songseo, and stopped at Jamsil Subway. 

You must exit on number 3 to enter the Lotte Mall Entrance, Just follow the arrow. For a group of five 8,000 Krw was the fare. That’s 11 km from Jongno. 

Take note: Lotte Aquarium entrance fee: is 31,000 Krw- Show your passport and you’ll pay 23,000 Krw. 

My youngest daughter hesitated to walk in. My eldest and my second daughters went in. 

To reach the observation deck in the Lotte Tower, You’ll pay an Entrance fee. For adults is 27,000 Krw for 30 minutes!

We headed back to the hotel empty-handed but the memory was there. It’s a good place to visit especially if the weather isn’t favorable.

7. The Urban Food Park in Seoul

And last but not least place we visited in Seoul was the Urban Food Park.

If you’re exploring local food, visit the Urban food park. We took our lunch at the Urban food park. 

Foods were fine and it was one of the finest food we had during the whole week not to mention the free breakfast at the hotel. 

The 2 girls asked for a late lunch at Uncle’s restaurant while en route to Adventure World.

Just passing through! 

We are heading back home via hotel-Jongno3-Seoul-Incheon Airport. Fare: 4,750 Krw each to the airport.  

The Seoul, South Korea family experience is memorable. 

Even though it’s an expensive place (for us) we still manage to fulfill most of our itineraries on time.

One thing to have in mind if you love to travel. “Plan what you do, and do what you planned”. 

Do not over-stress thinking about where to go when you get there.

All fares and admission rates are subject to change beyond this date. 06-April-2018

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