How To Find The Lowest Airfare

Abookingtrips Lowest Airfare Guide

How To Find The Lowest Airfare?

Finding the lowest Airfare is one of the most tiresome parts of the preparation for your travel. 
After searching all the sites across the internet, and international travel booking agencies, and yet you can’t find the lowest airfare that you’ve been searching for.
In this blog, we may help you end your search now, after an endless search for the possible lowest prices of airfare. 
Here are some useful tips and secrets to facilitate your future flight booking, and go save some money.

1. Do Not Search for the Same Flights Repeatedly

Do not assume that prices of flights may change suddenly if you repeatedly search for the same route of flights and destination. 
It will come to opposite way! That’s the use of cookies in your browser. 
If the sites that you’re using detected an increase in search for the same destination, as a scarcity technique, the price may increase again pressuring the searcher to book faster thinking that the price may even get higher again. 
If you’re using a Chrome browser, always use the incognito mode in order to check if there’s actually a price change. Always use your browsing private by all means.

2. Use a Flight Search App from Google Play

Nowadays, thousands of flight aggregators are littering the internet. Using a search app (Install one from Google Play) is one of the best and fastest ways of booking the cheapest flights. 
We recommend the latest app which is the aBookingTrips. 
It is a free-to-install travel search app that shares access and comparisons of present and future flight prices against International Airlines.


  • Aviasales – This is a trusted service for buying cheap flights ticket. No hidden fees or extra hidden markups.
  • WayAwayPlus – Get 10% off. This is the hottest aggregator that provides travelers with the best rates on airline tickets. They also feature the WayAway Plus Membership plan for cashback on travel deals.
  • Trip – provides one-stop travel booking services in 20 languages through the website and mobile app. with over 30,000 employees and 300 million members making them one of the world’s leading travel agencies.
  • Klook Travel is a leading online platform that offers a wide range of travel experiences and activities across the globe. With a user-friendly interface and curated selection of attractions, tours, and transportation options, Klook makes it easy for travelers to discover and book unforgettable adventures with just a few clicks.






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